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    Time to Change Your Shower Gel! 5 Tips to Choose Your Right Shower Gel


    We agree that taking a shower or bath is the most refreshing part of one day. Most of us can't wait to have a shower or bath after a tiring working day. Nowadays, there are numerous brands available in the market, and they have different functions and scents. But do you know how to choose a right and suitable shower gel for yourself? Follow us and find the useful tips.

    1. Shower Gel with Faint Acid

     As we know, the faint acid environment is extremely important to skin. It is good for the growth of beneficial bacteria in skin when PH value is between 4.5 and 6.5, which helps maintain the balance of the skin's colonies.


    Kustie flower petal shower gels use faint acid formula to create a natural protective film for skin, leaving it hydrating and silky-smooth after a long time use.

    2.Shower Gel without Acrid Smell


    Different people have their own preference for scent. But not all shower gels contain natural fragrance. Some strong scent will make you feel uncomfortable and acrid because they use artificial fragrance.


    Kustie flower petal shower gels enrich with fresh flower hydrolate, providing natural flower aroma. They do not smell acrid no matter strong or faint.

    3. Shower Gels with Rich White Bubbles

    International authorities have proven that soft and rich bubbles can remove dirt from pores effectively, leaving your skin silky-smooth and velvety.


    Kustie flower petal shower meet this standard, providing you rich and delicate bubbles.

    4.Shower Gel with Real Flower Petals

    Have you ever noticed flower petals in some shower gels in the market? Most of them only have a little flower ingredients or essence.

    Kustie flower petal shower gels contain real flower petals besides high purity flower hydrolate. For example, a bottle of 500ml cherry blossom shower gel contains about 500 pieces flower petals, and for rose shower gel, it contains about 450 pieces rose petals. Leaving you a romantic shower or bath.

    5. Shower Gels with Natural Hydrolate


    Nowadays, more people stay at the room with air-conditioner for a long time, you will feel more dry or peeling. So, it is essential to choose a shower gel with moisturizing and hydrating agents.

    Kustie flower petal shower gel contains high purity fresh flower hydrolate. Multiple natural skin care factors penetrate into your skin, leaving it nourishing, moisturizing and silky-smooth.


    Choosing a right and suitable shower gel, providing yourself silky-smooth touch and attractive aroma. Just enjoy your shower or bath!