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    Kustie Real Flower Scalp Balancing Care Collection Glowed in 2019 Shanghai CBE


    As a leader in the real flower personal care category, Kustie Personal Care Co., Ltd set up its brand-new position of “Real Flower Care” and took it as a major selling point in 2019.


    On May 20th, Kustie surprised visitors with its 3-year R&D Real Flower Scalp Balancing Care Collection & Flower Petal Shower Gel Collection display at the 24th China Beauty Expo (CBE). 

    Nowadays, a lot of customers have raised their concerns regarding the hair care products and trends among cosmetic industry. In view of this, Kustie Real Flower Scalp Balancing Care Collection was launched with an aim at solving hair problems for most of the modern females.

    The three “The 1st” of Kustie Real Flower Scalp Balancing Care Collection:

    • The 1st one to raise up the concept of hair scalp balancing care;

    • The 1st products without silicone or dryness;

    • The 1st amino acid sensitive free formula with higher standard than face cleansing.

    With a strong team of talents and its unique enchanting aroma, Kustie successfully attracted coverage of news media, including Cosmetic Newspaper, Cosmetic Observer, C2CC and so on.

    It is believed that in the future, Kustie will spare no effort to make its real flower brand image, expand its marketing scale as well as the promotion product sale.